Card Codes Extractor

Card codes Extractor

Copy all the codes in your collection.


  • Run the k!collection or kc command
    • Not only from k!collection, actually @Keqing also have this ability to extract codes from k!view, k!inventory and atrace commands.
  • Press the πŸ“ reaction.​
    • For non-premium servers, you need to add the πŸ“ (:pencil:) reaction manually.
  • Next page
    • Keqing supports multiple pages. Just change the page and it will add them until it reaches 50 codes.

Code Filtering

Card codes filter

Choose the codes to be extracted from your collection.

How to use

  • Run the k!collection command
  • Press the πŸ” reaction
    • For non-premium servers, you need to add the πŸ” (:mag:) reaction manually.
  • Type the character or symbols that will select the codes​​
  • Done
    • Click the green button when you are done.
  • Tip
    • You can also filter the codes that you want to copy, get all the codes, get all untagged codes, or get under 100 wish card codes (in one page)