Series Collection Checker

Keqing’s Series Collection Checker can compare your full collection to a series and show you the characters you’re still missing


Command: [p]scc <seriesName>


  • ascc demon slayer

How to use

  • First, Run ksheet

  • Click the ♻️ button to generate your sheet. (You DO NOT need to click the “here”)

  • Reply to the ksheet the command.

    Series Collection Checker
  • To see the characters you’re still missing, hit the “missing list” button at the bottom.

    Series Collection Checker

The database used in Keqing’s Series Collection Checker is NOT 100% perfect. There are a few smaller niche cards not available in the database that can get missed by the Checker. Consequently, please still double check the klu command when you’re close to collecting everything in a series. However, the Checker will still help you with collecting large series.