Morph Tester

Morph Tester

We also provide another feature: Morph testing! This feature is still in beta phase, so it's free for everyone to use. At the moment, it cannot test any cards that you own; it can only test one color for the morph (aside from white). Character names are hidden since inaccurate colors are shown otherwise. The usage of this feature is similar to frame testing, with an additional parameter: the hex code for the morph color.


Non-premium servers can only use test with 1 type only (HUE), upgrade to premium version to be able to test for 6 types

How to use

  • Search for the character through k!lookup

    • Example: k!lookup sinon
  • Select the corresponding edition

    • Click the ⬅️ or ➡️ to switch edition
  • React with 🖌️.

    • For non-premium servers, you need to add the 🖌️ (:paintbrush:) manually.
  • Type the frame name with the hex color next to it

    • Example: Broken Mirror #ff0000
    • Use [p]frames to see the frames available in Keqing.
    Morph Tester
  • Select the Morph Type (Premium only)

    Morph Tester
  • Done ;)

    Morph Tester
  • Non-premium servers can only test using Hue type
  • What are morph types? It's the Blending type. Just experiment with it for now since we're still not sure which one is used by Karuta

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