Effort Calculator

Effort Calculator

How to use

There are two ways to use this fearute:

  1. Auto-response
  2. Reaction trigger
  • If you are owner or admin on a server, create a channel with keqing, effort or management on the channel name, for example:
    • #effort-calculator
    • #keqing-bot
    • #karuta-management
  • Make sure @Keqing has proper permissions (SEND_MESSAGE, READ_MESSAGES, READ_MESSAGE_HISTORY, EMBED_LINKS)
  • Now you can type kwi [your card code] on the channel the you just set it up.
Important Note

If your card's condition is mint the calculation should be mostly accurate, However if your cards is not mint yet, the calculations are less accurate.

Other calculation info


What is vanity? The lower card's print number relative to amount printed, the more this effort modifier will increase. Thus, card will gain in this modifier as time passes.

Max Vanity

A condition where your card is S grade or reaches Maxed A grade Vanity. High printed cards most likely will never reaches this condition.

"X" Toughness

You can gain it from dating system.

Max Possible Effort

The formula is (Current Effort (Mystic + Framed)) + (S Vanity / Maxed A Vanity) + (S Toughness) + Additional Wellness. If your card is high printed, Do not look at the Max A. vanity + S. tough. stats.


Can i disable Effort calculator in some channels?

@Some random owner


  • We have achannel command, you can use that
  • Go to the channel you want and run the command.
  • Run the achannel command and then click the button, select the Effort calculator option and done