Price Calculator



At the end the day, pricing cards is an arbitrary matter. So, while the calculator may spit out a certain price range, you’re free to price above, below, or within that. Your cards are your cards, and you’re the one who gets to set the price. That said, calculator is designed to help those new to karuta to better understand the general worth of their cards.

How to use

  • First, kci the character of the card you’re pricing
  • Next, react to the kci message with 💰
    Price Calculator

Important notes

  • The calculator will not account for good/bad effort. Please adjust your price accordingly (i.e., for bad effort, choose the lower price on the range/below the range. for good effort, choose the higher price on the range/above the range).
  • The calculator will not account for special/carousel/event frames. Please look up the frame in question to see what it is going for on the market currently, then add that to the price.
  • The calculator will not account for morphs. If you believe your morph is pure or of value, please get it appraised by a professional morph appraiser, then add the result to the price.


“Is the price calculator accurate?”


The calculator is very accurate for most cards. The rates used within the calculator are based off the current pricing guide (updated around twice a month). The guide is created by carefully averaging over 100 sold deals in karuta, meaning the calculator’s prices are as accurate as possible.